Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job this Year

Leaving the old job behind and finding a new one – or better yet going it alone and becoming your own boss – is a common new year’s resolution. Like most new year’s resolutions, however, it often gets forgotten by February. If you made this resolution for 2016 or have just been thinking about your other employment options, there are a number of reasons you might want to follow through and leave your job behind.

  1. Bad Relationships: If you have bad relationships with important co-workers, this is probably a sign you would be better off elsewhere. If you have a poor relationship with management, this is definitely a sign you should consider your options.
  2. Stress: Some kinds of work are more stressful than others, but if your job is excessively stressful and it is taking a toll on you emotionally, you may well be better off looking for an alternative that will not be quite so hard on you.
  3. Lack of Challenge: Lack of challenge in a job could well mean it is time to move on. A more challenging role will probably be more fulfilling, and if your job fails to challenge you it may well mean you are equipped to move onto better things – and better pay.
  4. Your Company Holds you Back: Sometimes, a company can actually get in the way of you doing your job as well as you could. A lack of support, a culture of corner-cutting, and unhelpful or unnecessary policies can all form obstacles that keep you from performing to a standard you can be proud of.
  5. Poor Work/Life Balance: Some companies put excessive demands on their employees, and sometimes this can even represent a culture that is prevalent throughout the industry. It is important for employers to let their employees have a life as well, and if they don’t then you should look for – or even become – an employer who will.
  6. Lack of Advancement: Most people want the opportunity to progress in a career, and you may feel like you are more than ready to take a step forward. If you can’t move up within your company, to avoid stagnation you will have to look for new opportunities elsewhere.
  7. Lack of Development: Sometimes it isn’t necessarily about getting promoted or moving up the hierarchy, but just having the opportunity to grow and expand our set of skills. If this is something you want from a job but are not getting, this is a good reason to move on.
  8. Lack of Job Security: When we have concerns about our job security, often our instinct is to try hard to hang onto that job. Sometimes, however, a better approach would actually be to get out on our own terms while we still can.
  9. Change of Circumstances: There are times when a change of circumstances makes us think about leaving a job behind. Perhaps your old job doesn’t meet your financial needs? Perhaps you are suddenly less financially dependent on it and have spotted an opportunity to finally take the leap and go it alone? Listen to your gut.
  10. You Are Unhappy: Ultimately, it all boils down to this. If you are not happy in your job, whatever the reason, staying there is unlikely to serve you well. When your job makes you unhappy, it is probably time to leave it behind.


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